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Yes! Spring has arrived and this time we won’t say, ‘finally’. It’s Toronto’s second Spring of the year. Go outside! Feel the warmth on your face, breath deeply and stroll to Village Healing Centre where our Thermography Clinic is located. Asses your cranial-dental or breast health with the safest technology. As this month we are offering you a great discount celebrating Cancer Awareness Month.

Once on Roncesvalles Ave, continue West to the heart of High Park where the soul, these stirring flowering cherry trees, grace our neighbourhood. Yes we are inviting you to Cherry Blossom Festival. Do not miss this opportunity, for they will not last. I see hundreds of people strolling towards this enchanting place. Where the trees, link their arms in a tight hug, so dense that they create a a loving and tender shade. A surreal formation of clouds in pale shade of white and pink. Fragile, pure yet strong in their sheer beauty. Reminding us of human life; FLEETING AND TRANSIENT. I go there almost every day, not only to enjoy the trees but to be among the people, who at that moment are able to let go of their inhibitions and smile. Their faces are happy and relaxed as the rush of the inner city is far from their minds. I watched them taking pictures. Lots of them! As if they would savour every glance. Like souvenirs, kept forever.

Stay with this awareness for a moment. Take it with you and try to recall the felling of beauty, kindness and love. In difficult situations we can go back to picture of these cherry blossoms at any time. Use as a meditation to calm you down and get you centered. Keep breathing you might even trigger the memory of this heavenly sweat scent of the cherry blossom.

Just close your eyes. BREATHE.

If your still without tranquility, try relaxing by continuing on towards the Junction where Breathe Yoga studio can be found. Explore the beauty of this eco friendly space where Buddhas, some sitting in a deep meditation and some giggling at us in a very relaxing positions, remind us how a moment of silence can help us to maintain equanimity. Come to practice different types of Yoga under the care of friendly and experienced teachers.You can also use infrared sauna to help your body cleanse and relax.

We hope to see you there and for this week at least, be in a cherry blossom state of mind.

Stay healthy and connected!


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