Take Preventative Measures This Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A strong family history of breast cancer made one writer get serious about preventive measures. By Nancy Ripton, for Fashion Magazine. Click here to see the original article. The “big C” runs in my family. Both my parents passed away … Read More

Thermography – Breast screening rebuttal to CBC News coverage

Last week, CBC Newsworld broadcast a story claiming that thermography clinics where “gumming up the system” with false positives, resulting in patients worrying about the results of tests that purportedly had no “value” – as stated by a so-called expert … Read MoreRead More

CBC Journalism and Who is Linda Venus?

Many of you remember the hatched job from CBC last week presented as “Investigative Journalism about Thermography”. As always, there is more than meets the eye in this well orchestrated campaign that aims to discredit thermography, influence the public and … Read MoreRead More

CBC Poll – Please Vote to support Thermography

Please Vote to support Thermography and forward to friends and family. Women need safe screening like Thermography to be used in conjunction with mammography. Is FREEDOM TO CHOOSE important to you? Here is what Huffington Post has to say in the interview … Read More

We Are Asking for Your Support

Dear Friends,   We are being side lined by the powers that be. We are women who want to have a choice and with their restrictions,  our health is in jeopardy. … Read More


Alexander Mostovoy Telephone 416-636-2916 Email: info@thermographyclinic.com Responding to a report issued by CBC news November 27, 2012, representatives from Thermography Clinic Inc. want Canadians to be accurately informed about breast thermography, its benefits and limitations. Thermography, as a whole, should … Read MoreRead More

Response To Controversial CBC Thermography Feature

CHRW’s Body Mind Spirit interview Alex Mostovoy BCCT, and Mo Razik as they respond to the CBC thermography attack. Click here to listen.

We are coming to Dr. Allison Freeman’s Clinic!

Are you concerned about your Breast Health? High Park Thermography is Coming to Dr. Allison Freeman’s Clinic on NOVEMBER 9, 2012. Don’t miss this chance to save $50 off your next screening. Call 416 821 4288 to book! … Read More

CHRW Body Mind Spirit with Alex Mostovoy, BCCT.

Alex Mostovoy BCCT, updates on research and Thermography practices. Listen by clicking here.  

An HPT Response to The British Medical Journal’s Study on Exposure to diagnostic radiation and risk of breast cancer among carriers of BRCA1/2 mutations.

[toggle_container keep_open=’false’ ] [toggle title=’Read the Abstract’] Abstract Objective To estimate the risk of breast cancer associated with diagnostic radiation in carriers of BRCA1/2 mutations. Design Retrospective cohort study (GENE-RAD-RISK). Setting Three nationwide studies (GENEPSO, EMBRACE, HEBON) in France, United Kingdom, and the … Read MoreRead More