Many of you remember the hatched job from CBC last week presented as “Investigative Journalism about Thermography”. As always, there is more than meets the eye in this well orchestrated campaign that aims to discredit thermography, influence the public and demand crackdown from regulators. However as this story unravels it becomes more and more clear that it is all fabricated by several interest groups to promote their agenda of destroying thermography and denying this service to women.

The CBC story of an unassuming elderly Winnipeg woman and breast cancer survivor Linda Venus who called thermography ‘bunk’ and stated in all of her interviews how outraged she is with thermography and that ‘thermography needs stringent oversight’ is none other than a Senior Director of Public Affairs for the Breast Cancer Society. Of course our national public broadcaster the CBC in their ‘unbiased’ reporting did not mention that Ms Venus is a professional lobbyist for the cancer society. Please see the following links..

One wonders what other surprises and connections we will make about this story. I can assure you that we will get more as we start digging deeper into who are these ‘experts’ and journalists involved with this story.

Please share this message with as many people as possible, this type of ‘journalism’ is an insult to professional integrity of any self respecting journalist. People deserve to see the truth of who has been orchestrating this campaign of disinformation.

At this point we have reached 550 signatures with our petition and it has only been a few days since we started, WOW!

To sign our petition and to protect women’s right to have thermography please go to this link:

Anyone who is as outraged by this as I am and wants to help, please contact me directly. We need help and support from as many people as possible to get the truth out and we need women to come forward and take a stand on this issue.

Alexander Mostovoy, HD, DHMS, BCCT


t: 416-636-2916 t: 416-638-7555

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