A study published in the International Journal of Oncology showed thathomeopathic remedies have an action similar to chemotherapy, but without its toxicity.

Dr. The Moshe Frenkel, the principal investigator of the study, said, “We feel that homeopathy is necessary to try the same way as we try newchemotherapy drugs. We absolutely shocked to see that homeopathicremedies are have effects similar to chemotherapy in breast cancer cells, without affecting normal cells, a finding very exciting. ”

Homeopathic remedies tested were: Carcinosin, Conium maculatum,decandra Phytolacca, and Thuja occidentalis, along with others, have along history of use in breast cancer by homeopaths.

The researchers concluded that “the ultra-diluted homeopathic naturalremedies investigated in this study offers the promise of being effectiveprevention and / or therapeutic agent for breast cancer and worthy oflearning. ”

Hopefully this research was conducted.

Homeopathy Plus! Note: Please note that there is a homeopathic remedyfor all types of breast cancer. Different presentation of symptoms in different patients require different treatment. The solution attempted by theresearchers are only some of which may be useful in breast cancer.Homeopathy is a safe and nontoxic system of medicine but it requiresserious study and application if it is done well. Please consult a qualifiedhomeopath if you want to use homeopathy when cancer is present.

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