Dear Friends,


We are being side lined by the powers that be. We are women who want to have a choice and with their restrictions,  our health is in jeopardy.

Do we want Thermography to be made available to us? We need your support and your signatures to sign our petition. We need to keep Thermography testing as part of our risk assessment not just mammography. Thermography is safe; no radiation, no contact and no pain, and FDA approved. It is an adjunct to mammography. Thermography will measure the changes in temperature ( in cellular level)  that your breasts will generate if it is infected, if it has hormonal issues or if it has malignancy. Thermography will register all these changes before a growth develops (structural changes). Whereas, mammography will only see the growth (structural changes). By this time, you would have wasted 8-10 years of precious time in healing.  This is a matter of human rights’ choice, not limiting our option and decisions in our choices.

This is YOUR chance to speak up and be heard. Do you think these are men who are passing the law???? Can they understand?


Thank you. Please really and truly understand that you are part of what is about to change in our history of breast health. Be proactive. Please follow the link below.


Jane Lee

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